Voice healing

The use of voice and sound is an important part of every spiritual tradition on earth; many of the techniques that are now scientifically proven to have a healing effect and accelerate the healing process, both physically and mentally, have been used for thousands of years by shamans, healers and medicine men and women of many different traditions. Therefore, these techniques are more and more applied as therapy or as support in therapy.

What is voice healing?

Everything is energy in motion, in vibration. The slower the movement, the denser, more visible it becomes. E.g. the molecules of boiling water move so fast that they are almost invisible to the human eye (vapour). Water at a normal temperature can be seen, felt, moved. Frozen water is visible, palpable, hard and motionless.

Voice healing / sound therapy, is based on the principle that all matter vibrates at its own specific frequency. In the body every cell, every tissue, every organ has its own frequency = number of vibrations per second. Sound vibrations, both of the human voice and of musical instruments, can bring impure frequencies back into balance.

Sound consists of vibrations that penetrate every substance, set the smallest particles in motion and thus are able to rearrange our “reality”. Our body, our thinking, our feelings and emotions, our environment and ultimately our world. Sound vibrations penetrate into bones and organs through which body beats can be reached that cannot be reached by manual massage. Individual growth, natural balance and freedom arise when you recognise and use the healing power of sound.

Sound has the power to break through any energy barrier. The power of sound can be at the basis of fine-tuning and harmonising both physical and emotional blockages. That is why we call these sounds ‘healing sounds’. Sound vibrations have a loosening and organizing effect.

Energy/vibrations influence each other. Where vibrations meet/ touch each other, they change each other. This applies to all kinds of energy. thoughts, words, sounds, what we see, hear, feel as well as negative experiences and beliefs, emotions and stress.
In today’s world, we are almost constantly assailed by vibrations that are not our own. They constantly influence us and thus change our own energy, our own vibrations. And because these new vibrations do not suit us, they cause blockages and illnesses, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Voice healing / sound therapy reverses this by bringing vibrations, which are no longer in accordance with the original state, back there by means of sound. This can be produced through voice and/or musical instruments.

Your own voice

Your voice is a blueprint of who you are, what you want and feel, your pain and your joy. During a session you will learn to work with your voice and use it for your spiritual and physical healing. In this way you can free yourself step by step from blockages that prevent you from living your life and being yourself.

You don’t have to have a trained singing voice. Your voice is the perfect instrument for you. If you think that vocal work is not for you because you can’t sing or have a beautiful voice or you sing falsely or… then I can reassure you. You don’t learn to sing here. You learn to use your voice to express your feelings and thus know (and accept) yourself.