Let your true voice sing

With sound and voice therapy you can learn to express your true feelings. You learn to listen to the song of your soul! By expressing your true feelings with the help of your voice, you get back in touch with the person you really are. You will recognize more and more who you are and what does not (anymore) suit you. Old beliefs, negative experiences, fears, traumas and blockages that keep you from living your life and being completely yourself are transformed step by step.

However, this is not always easy. Often people are so used to it that they don’t even notice how trapped they are in themselves anymore. Sometimes even addicted to their situation, their problems etc. because they don’t know (and don’t dare) otherwise. Then it is a very courageous step to ask for help.

You can get this help in the form of listening to Antje Maria’s voice and possibly musical instruments. Because she expresses your stuck feelings, emotions, fears and desires that have seldom or never been expressed so far, you too will come into contact with them. And together with Antje Maria you will learn step by step to express what you have been longing for so long to be set free.  Contact Antje Maria and let yourself be informed about the cleansing effect of working with you and her true voice.

You can experience this at “The Voice of Soul”, the foundation of life coach & healer Antje Maria.

Voice healing

Voice healing is one of the methods by which you learn to listen to the true voice. When Antje Maria uses the voice of the soul to hear the song of your soul, you learn to deal with your fears and let them go little by little. Her voice is the perfect instrument to let you hear who you are, what you want and what you feel; the voice of your pain and of your joy.

Doing it yourself, but not alone

Antje Maria likes to help you get clarity in what keeps you from living the way you feel is good for you. By listening to the voice of the soul she helps you to clear up fears, blockages and the consequences of negative experiences that no longer serve you. In this way you become free to live according to your inner truth and in a way that is satisfying for you. And so you can express your gifts, talents and possibilities in your own unique way. You learn to experience the joy and satisfaction of living in freedom and independence. Antje Maria teaches you with her voice to remember who you really are and thereby teaches you to realise the power and power that you carry within you to improve your life.

The voice of Antje Maria

Antje Maria has been working for over 30 years as a sound and voice healer with voice, piano, church organ and other instruments. With the voice of her soul and her musical instruments she transmits a strong healing energy. With her life experience, sympathy and passion for life, she teaches you that life is miraculously beautiful, and she teaches you to live that life.

Contact Antje Maria

Do you also want to learn to use the voice of your soul and thus free yourself from fears and nasty feelings deep inside? Then let Antje Maria introduce you to the song of the soul. Contact Antje Maria via the contact form or by phone +33-(0)628 333 567 for more information about the online voice healing sessions, learning to listen to the voice of the soul and/or a retreat in France.
The song of the soul sings in you too! Experience it at life coach & healer Antje Maria.