Spirit sounds; support from the spiritual world

At life coach & healer Antje Maria you can go for a spirit sounds session. A spirit sounds session is for anyone who is looking for clarity in life’s problems or is looking for answers to life’s questions.  Spirit sounds can also be a great help in coping with loss and to support suffering in any area and to help with stress and burn-out. But also just for anyone who is wondering how to move on in life. Book a place for a private spirits sounds session with Antje Maria now.

What are spirit sounds?

What spirit sounds are exactly, might deserve some explanation. Antje Maria: “Spirit sounds are the sounds that are sent from the spiritual world to support and relieve problems and complaints. It is a great help for those who need it.  The sounds are expressed through my voice and possibly through my musical instrument(s). I sing from the truth of my soul through which others can also be brought to their truth”. During a Spirits Sounds private session, Antje Maria tunes into you on a deeper level”.
Giving sound to unprocessed, blocked feelings

“Through my voice, sounds are transmitted with the same frequencies as your unprocessed, blocked feelings. I sing from the truth of my soul and accompany others as well. Because your body cells resonate on the sounds I bring out, they are liberated from the blocked energy and you can still express them yourself. In this way there is room for insight and healing. The sounds work exactly where they need to work, beyond the mind. During a spirit sounds session I also work intuitively with other methods I have at my disposal”

How do spirit sounds work?

Spirits sounds express what lives deep inside you and is often suppressed for a long time. You can hear the sounds of the true voice, perhaps for the first time in your life. Your voice is a blueprint of who you are, what you want and feel, your pain and your joy.

During a spirit sound session the spiritual world, through the voice of Antje Maria, sends out such a strong transforming and healing energy that it works for emotional, spiritual and often also physical healing. In this way you will be freed step by step from blockages that keep you from living your life and being yourself. A spirit sounds session is not a singing class or a concert: it is a way to experience healing.

Contact Antje Maria

Would you like to know more about healing, transforming spirit sounds, or would you like to experience a spirit sounds private session? Feel free to inquire about the possibilities via the form on this website. You can also call Antje Maria on +33 (0)6 28 33 35 67 or email ammenger@orange.fr. A spirit sounds session with Antje Maria brings healing, peace, strength and love back into your life!