Sound healing with healing sounds

Get acquainted with sound therapy, or the healing effect of sound healing, with life coach & healer Antje Maria. Sound therapy helps you to free yourself from unprocessed, blocked feelings, giving you more room for insight and healing. Sound healing is for everyone who is looking for clarity about his or her problems in life, and for those who are looking for answers to life questions, or who suffer from stress or burn-out. In general, are you just curious about what life has to offer? Then, too, sound therapy with Antje Maria can be enlightening and liberating. Antje Maria uses her healing voice and instruments for sound healing, such as the piano, church organ and singing bowls. Below you can read more about the healing power of Antje Maria.

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy, is based on the principle that all matter vibrates at its own specific frequency. In the body every cell, every tissue, every organ has its own frequency = number of vibrations per second. Sound vibrations, both of the human voice and of musical instruments, can balance impure frequencies. Sound has the power to break through any energy barrier. The power of sound can be at the basis of tuning and harmonising both physical and emotional blockages. That is why we call these sounds ‘healing sounds’. Sound vibrations have a loosening and organizing effect.

Relaxing effect of sound healing

Everything is energy in motion, in vibration. The slower the movement, the denser, the more visible it becomes. E.g. the molecules of boiling water move so fast that they are almost invisible to the human eye (vapour). Water at a normal temperature can be seen, felt, moved. Frozen water is visible, palpable, hard and motionless.
In addition, everything has its own frequency = number of vibrations per second); this of course also applies to our body, our cells, organs etc.
Energy/vibrations influence each other. Where vibrations meet/ touch each other, they change each other. This applies to all kinds of energy. thoughts, words, sounds, what we see, hear, feel as well as negative experiences and beliefs, emotions and stress.
In today’s world, we are almost constantly assailed by vibrations that are not our own. They constantly influence us and thus change our own energy, our own vibrations. And because these new vibrations do not suit us, they cause blockages and illnesses, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Soundhealing/soundhealing reverses this by bringing vibrations, which are no longer in accordance with the original state, back there by means of sound. This can be produced through voice and instruments.

The age-old tradition of sound therapy

Sound healing has so much power that it can change our bodies, cells, tissues and organs. Also our thinking, our feeling, our perception, and ultimately the world around us and with that our body. The production of sounds and music is innate in the human being. It is something natural. That is why sound therapy has been used for centuries as a therapy for curing various ailments. Neurological studies have proven several times that we become more productive and creative when we listen to music. It can relieve stress and improve your mood.

Sound healing from Antje Maria

For sound healing Antje Maria uses her voice – her healing voice. With this voice she sings the ‘song of the soul’ in cooperation with her spiritual guides, or spirits. With her healing voice and her instruments, such as the piano, the church organ and various singing bowls, she transmits a very strong healing energy. These are energies, vibrations from the spiritual world that are active: “Through my voice, sounds are transmitted with the same frequencies as your unprocessed, blocked feelings. I sing from the truth of my soul and guide others as well. Because your body cells resonate on my sounds, they are liberated from the blocked energy and you can still express them yourself. This creates space for insight and healing. The sounds work exactly where they need to work, beyond the mind. In sound therapy I also work intuitively with other methods I have at my disposal”.

Sound therapy sessions

You can come to Antje Maria for sound therapy sessions. This can be done in the South of France during a private retreat or online via Skype or Zoom. You can choose whether you would like to do a sound therapy session in private or with a group. Please note: Antje Maria’s consultations/treatments have no medical character and no medical diagnoses are made

Sound healing retreat week in the South of France

You can also come to Antje Maria for a relaxing sound healing retreat week in the South of France. Then you will enjoy the healing effects of sound therapy in a beautiful and soothing environment with the healing voice of Antje Maria and the healing sounds of her instruments. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities and rates for a wonderful retreat week.

Contact Antje Maria

For more information about sound therapy or with regard to your questions or problems, you can of course contact Antje Maria. This can be done via the contact form on this website. You can also call Antje Maria on +33 (0)6 28 33 35 67 or send an e-mail to Experience the healing effects of sound therapy by sound and voice therapist Antje Maria.