Sound and voice therapist shows your true self

With sound and voice therapist Antje Maria you will get to know yourself better through the use of your voice. With your voice you learn to hear who you are, what you want and feel and where your pain and joy are. Your voice expresses this. It is an instrument that you always carry with you. You can use your voice to heal yourself. Voice healing with sound and voice therapist Antje Maria is a very special way to give yourself attention without condemning yourself. Follow the workshop ‘Your voice, bridge to consciousness and healing’ and open yourself up to release yourself by listening to your own soul sound.

How important is the voice?

Letting your true voice be heard is very important. Since time immemorial, voice and sound have been used to heal. Sound and sound are produced by vibrations caused by the voice. Sound is a vibration that permeates everything and enables us to rearrange our ‘reality’. Our reality consists of our body, our thinking, our feelings and emotions and ultimately our world. Sound vibrations penetrate into body layers where manual massage is not possible. Individual growth, natural balance and freedom arise when you recognise and use the healing power of sound.

Follow the sound and voice therapy workshop

With sound and voice therapist Antje Maria follow the workshop ‘Your voice, bridge to consciousness and healing’ and learn to work with your voice to open and liberate your own soul sound. Each participant/star will work individually. This workshop is not a singing class. Antje Maria helps you to express those tones and sounds that want or need to be expressed at that moment. You give sound to your feelings, freeing yourself from what keeps you from being yourself.

Purpose of sound and voice therapy

Sound and voice therapy has the following goal:

  • Releasing restrictive blockages
  • Freeing you from the one you really are
  • Self-acceptance and self-forgiveness: you free yourself from restrictive beliefs as a result of past unpleasant experiences.
  • Learning to listen to your inner strength and intuition from the awareness that you have the strength, the ability and the knowledge to shape your life.
  • Developing healthy self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence.

Contact sound and voice therapist Antje Maria

Do you also want to use your true voice to free yourself from fears and unpleasant feelings deep inside? Then meet Antje Maria. You can do so via the contact form on this website. You can also call Antje Maria on +33 (0)6 28 33 35 67 or send an e-mail to At sound and voice therapist Antje Maria you will learn to express who you really are with the help of her voice!