Private retreat in the south of France
“Learn to live a better life”

with intensive individual guidance.

How long has it been since you have really taken time and attention just for yourself?
How many times have you quietly thought that it would be wonderful to escape that eternal hustle and bustle and stress for a while, to be able to get away from everything that burdens you? To go somewhere where you can completely unwind, where you can find answers to your questions and the support you sometimes lack in your daily life?

Somewhere where there is still silence, where you can hear the wingsbeat of the birds, where in the evening, two steps from your front door, you can see the Milky Way light up and thousands of stars sparkle, outlined against the velvet dark blue-black of the night sky.
Wouldn’t you like to take a period of time off, unwind, recharge your batteries and give yourself in-depth support in your own development process: all this offers a one- or multi-week retreat with intensive, individual therapeutic counselling and/or energetic treatments.

Tailor-made for you

One or two weeks with us in the South of France can be a great support for you if you are in a process of change, looking for clarity because of problems in your life, if you are looking for answers to life questions, suffer from stress or burnout, need rest and support in coping with loss in any area, or simply if you are wondering how you want to get on with your life.

During this period you are the most important person for yourself. Five days a week, adapted to your specific needs, you will receive counselling and/or treatments for about two hours a day.
The rest of the time you are free to enjoy the surroundings, the peace and quiet. This gives you the opportunity to integrate the experience gained during the consultations and treatments.

Give yourself a great gift and take a week (or two) of all the time and attention you need. Use your own voice and breath to get to know yourself and your desires better, to express your feelings, to deal with fear differently, to express who you are and thus to shape your life more in a way that is good for you and suits you.


Stay in one of our two holiday homes on the grounds of Bergerie la Falaise in the South of France.

  • Stay on the basis of self-catering.
  • The consultations have no medical character and no medical diagnosis is made.
  • For more information about the holiday homes : (
  • Accompaniment and accommodation costs : 1500 € per week.

Time and attention for you.

Do you need peace and quiet and space to do a retreat under supervision with guidance tailored to you, in a beautiful place in the South of France? Feel free to inquire about the possibilities and rates for a retreat week. You can do so via the contact form on this website.

When to visit

Of course there will first be an introductory meeting via Skype or Zoom, so that you can experience whether my way of working appeals to you and it ‘clicks’ between us.

Date in consultation

Information/registration and appointment of dates and costs for this individual offer, see Contact.