Liberation of the voice at a deeper level

With voice healing from Antje Maria, life coach & healer, you process your unprocessed, blocked feelings during a Spirits Sounds session. Get to know yourself better and express yourself better through the voice healing or voice liberation of Antje Maria. With the help of her voice and musical instruments, her soul sounds, her skills and her life experience you will free yourself step by step from what keeps you from living your life and being yourself. A Spirit Sounds session with life coach & healer Antje Maria has a healing and liberating effect. Contact Antje Maria and let her inform you about the purifying effect of voice healing.

How does voice liberation work?

With the help of voice healing with Antje Maria you get the support and with that the courage and strength to experience your true feelings and to look your fears straight in the eyes. In this way you can clean up what no longer serves you and free yourself from negative, old, blocking beliefs and fears.
With voice healing your body cells resonate on the sounds Antje Maria makes with her voice and musical instruments. In this way your body cells are freed from the stuck energy and you can still express the old unprocessed experiences. The sounds Antje Maria lets you hear go beyond the intellect (the ratio) and work purely and honestly on your emotion.

A Voice Liberation Session

Your voice teaches you to see and hear who you are, what you want and feel, your pain and your joy. During a voice healing session with Antje Maria she teaches you to open yourself for your spiritual and physical healing. In this way you can free yourself step by step from blockages that prevent you from living your life and being yourself. By freeing yourself from emotional and mental blockages, physical blockages can also be dissolved and therefore physical healing can take place.

The voice is the perfect instrument

Your own voice is the perfect instrument for your healing and personal development. If you think that working with your voice doesn’t suit you, because you think you can’t sing? Then I can reassure you. Voice healing is not a singing course. Antje Maria takes care of the Voice Healing so that you get to know yourself better and learn to express who you are and what you think and feel.

Do you also want to be able to express yourself freely?

Do you also want to feel the freedom Antje Maria’s voice healing brings about? And that, despite your fears, traumas and needs, you dare to feel what you really feel? Then give yourself room for insight and healing with voice healing. The voice healing treatments of Antje Maria:
have no medical character and no medical diagnosis is made
given remotely (by Skype, Zoom or Face Time) or during a retreat in the South of France
the remote treatments are just as effective as vice to vice treatments and save you travel time.

Contact Antje Maria for Voice Liberation

Voice healing with Antje Maria helps you to learn to deal with your fears and to make your voice heard. Would you like to know if voice healing is a suitable way for you to go through life more freely? Please contact Antje Maria ( +33-628 333 567) or via the contact form for more information about the voice healing sessions and/or a retreat in France.
For a liberating voice healing you have come to the right place at life coach & healer Antje Maria.