Spiritual help in the time of the crown (and not only in this time)

Dear visitor,

When Corona arrived, fear came in her wake because of the whole situation that accompanied her. But fear can also make you sick because you lose your balance, because you lose your inner resilience. And when you’re so scared, when you’re out of control, when you don’t know how to get on with your life, a small storm is enough to take you away and make you more understandable than usual.

So, because of the virus, it’s good to take action, yes. Of course it is. That too.  Absolutely.

But besides, what do we do with this fear? 

To help you regain your balance, to activate and strengthen your self-healing capacity, both mentally, emotionally and possibly physically, energy is sent from the spiritual world with such a high frequency that it has a healing effect on all levels. This happens through my voice and through my instruments. I am a medial voice and a sound healer.

To allow you to share this gift of “my” spirits, I give a free sound and voice healing session via ZOOM.US for 3 weeks, once a week.

Dates: Friday, December 3nd, 10th and 17th.

What time: 7pm.

Duration: about 15 to 30 minutes, or longer if the spirits need it.

Want to join? 

Then please register by e-mail.

Please mention the date and time you would like, in the afternoon or evening. You will then receive an e-mail with an explanation and a link with which you can participate. You do not have to open a Zoom account yourself!

If you wish, you can also subscribe to my Newsletter? You will then be informed about new activities www.antjemaria.eu.

On the date concerned : 

Plan a place where you will not be disturbed.

Switch off your phone.

Lie down in a relaxed position or do not cross your legs.

It works best with headphones.

That’s all. That’s all you have to do.

You are welcome for this session and I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun.

In love and gratitude for being you.

Antje Maria

Spirit Sounds – what is it?

Spirit Sounds – what is it?

Spirit Sounds: Transformation and healing.

Spirit Sounds is the transmission of sounds that emanate from my spirit guides and convey spiritual healing. I channel this through my voice and any available musical instruments. Spirit Sounds are not “just” sounds, but messages and deep conversations that take place on a vibrational level with your essence and your cells. Spirit Sounds speeds up the process of your transformation on all levels.

Through specific sounds and their frequencies, the spiritual world helps the person(s) being treated. It’s all about ‘becoming whole’; finding and lovingly accepting all your parts and in this way finding back and coming into balance in your own centre. This can also lead to physical healing.

Spirit Sounds works by transmitting very high vibrations from the spiritual world. These work transforming and harmonising on body, mind and spirit.

What is a medium?

A medium is an intermediary between the spiritual world and the earth and its inhabitants.

I am a medium whose voice has been chosen by the spiritual world for this way of transforming work and healing to bring spiritual healing. Through my voice and possibly playing a musical instrument, blockades and old patterns and beliefs that are no longer subservient are transformed.

I am neither a psychologist nor a doctor; this means that no further problems of the person are discussed. The consultations/treatments have no medical character and no medical diagnoses are made.

The human being has the inner possibilities to solve or cure his own problems. Spirit Sounds is a tool to activate and strengthen these possibilities and to develop the necessary talents to do so. The sound and one’s own voice is an important tool through which the vibration frequencies are noticeably changed and greatly increased. This enables the transformation of blockages and makes it easier to let go of them.

How long a Spirit Sounds session lasts cannot be predicted in advance. The session ends at the moment when the connection between the spiritual world and myself, in connection with the transfer of energy, stops. Because Spirit Sounds is very powerful, my energy use in channelling is very high. Therefore I need an undisturbed pause between sessions. The same goes for group sessions.

If you take part in a group session or a private session, you are urgently asked not to use perfumes etc.

Spirit Sounds can be experienced in the following ways:


Group healing / Spirit Sounds for several people at the same time.

During the evening I present my work with Spirit Sounds. I sound (and possibly play if an instrument is present) approx. 30 minutes in front of the group. The duration is determined by the spirits. The vibrations of the high-frequency, healing sounds will touch and penetrate the persons present on many levels.

After this one can ask questions.

Private sessions

In the private sessions I channel the high-frequency, healing sounds for about 30 minutes, causing the vibrations of the person to be treated to resonate at these high frequencies. It is possible that in the beginning emotions/feelings are expressed of which the person is not or hardly aware or which he or she is not able to express himself/herself.

The duration of time is determined by the spirits. Spirit Sounds is applied without the need for me to have information about the person in question. After the session questions can be asked.


Private retreat in the South of France

In this period of one or two weeks, you will receive professional support for the process or problem you are facing. A time when you have all the time for yourself. During this period you will be given a one-and-a-half to two-hour session or treatment every working day, using all the methods available to me, such as integrative breathing therapy, The Work of Byron Kate, Voice Dialogue, etc. I work purely intuitively and based on what you need. In addition there is time for peace and quiet, walking, sleeping in, everything your heart has been longing for for a long time.

For more info: see Private sessions/Retraite in the South of France.

If you are interested you can of course call or email me.

Group retreats 2021 in the South of France

For dates and description see Agenda

Information will appear shortly.

Dear greetings,

Antje Maria

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